J530™ Performance BCAA + Glutamine

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Increase your performance and recover faster with J530™ Performance (BCAA + Glutamine)

  • Zero Calories
  • Zero Fat
  • Perfect 2:1:1 BCAA ratio – backed by science
  • 8g of BCAAs per scoop

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BCAAs carry a ton of benefits to your fitness lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you’re a runner, hiker, cyclist, weightlifter, bodybuilder, or just doing yoga, our Performance BCAA has a role to play in your fitness plan.

These amino acids increase protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, both essential to building lean muscle. BCAAs are metabolized directly in the muscle and are considered “essential” because the body cannot build them from other compounds. Instead, they must come from diet or supplementation.

Take your performance lifestyle to a whole new level with this great tasting drink.

Some quick key benefits:

  • Promotes Fat Loss
  • Promotes Faster Recovery
  • Promotes Muscle Maintenance
  • Promotes Increased Strength

Backed by science, our Performance BCAA utilizes the 2:1:1 ratio.

2 parts Leucine to 1 part Isoleucine to 1 part valine


*NOTE* Watermelon Flavor is currently on extended backorder.




Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 7 in
Flavor & Size

Candy Splash – 3 Servings, Candy Splash – Full Bottle, Tropical Fruit – 3 Servings, Tropical Fruit – Full Bottle

4 reviews for J530™ Performance BCAA + Glutamine

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kyle Seymour

    I’m fairly new to working out on a regular basis and trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I really started taking it seriously about 3 months ago and I had never used any supplements until about 2 weeks ago when I was introduced to J530. Trying to get into shape when you’ve been out of shape for so long is tough and I was like anyone else I’d get tired and feel burnt out so I’d cut my workout short or I’d skip a day because I was too sore. No BS folks J530 has helped change that, I have more energy to finish my workout, I feel better about my workout knowing I gave it my all but most importantly for me I haven’t felt soo beat up the next day so I can get back at it and continue my weight loss journey. Oh and an added bonus the stuff taste amazing!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve been working out for over 15 years now. Last summer I had an injury and stopped lifting for 6 months. I started back at the gym the first of the year and lasted 2 weeks before I stopped again due to lack of motivation and soreness. I recently started using J530 Performance BCAA + Glutamine and got my butt back in the gym. This time soreness was minimal and I noticed I had more stamina through my workout. This product is definitely a game changer and I would recommend it to anyone that needs that extra boost during and after their workout.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Julie Pickens (verified owner)

    I have been pretty active my whole life and have always used a preworkout and protein for afterwards. I started using this bcaa a few days ago after running several miles and still had plenty of energy the rest of the day and absolutely no soreness! This will always be apart of my recovery process! Not to mention the taste is awesome, mixes very well with no chalky texture. Price is great!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am a new user of this product. I must tell you I was amazed on how well I felt after taking this product. Not only was my recovery time better it actually tastes great. So many supplements these days have a chalky taste. Not this product! I will continue to use this product and for the price of 27.99 how can you go wrong!

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